Tuesday, December 7, 2010

5th Week

It’s already fifth week.. almost done yay ! ops ! ahaha.. Time goes so fast. Well.. everyone.. Hello :) Welcome back and thanks for reading my journey in Prodata Systems Felda. For the 5th week of my internship, there’s nothing much actually. Just like the last week where I only have to do the system tagging. We got a new documents to tag to the system. Quite lots. For my part i got 5 districts to tag to the system. I think I got more than the other staff. I guess so. Hm.. As usual, I arrive at the office on 7:45am and the office start the operation on 8:15am until 5:15. Well.. Actually I have no idea what to write down here. I got the same work in the office as usual. On Thursday I think, I got a text from my friend, Ariffah and she told me to check the academic supervisor at OLES. I got Encik Khairul Azhar Khalid and I have no idea which lecturer is that. Besides that I have no idea what to present for when he come. Clueless. 
Still have lots of work waiting for me. See ya and thanks for reading :)

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