Sunday, December 26, 2010

7th Week --- The last week & memories ---

Hi everyone :-) I feel relief and quite sad because it is already the last week for my internship program. Well.. On this week I have tried to finish all of my work and fortunately I have finish it all even before the time given. I have to finish two districts and on Wednesday I have no work to do anymore. I have asked my other team member to give me work because you know.. It is so bored when nothing to do. In addition, they have a limited internet connection there. For example, they can only browse the news online and online banking. So can you imagine when I have no work to do. Freaking bored! So I have to find work if I have nothing to do. It is better to do something than do nothing. Last week !! My boss treat me a lunch. Ops ! Not only me but the other team members as well. Thank you boss :-) My boss have said to me when you in the top, you need to be humble. You cannot easily forget the people below you and of course I will take that advice. Besides that the last week, I got my allowance and I have returned the office pass. I will take everything in Felda, everything that I have learned to bring to my real work life soon after I graduate. How is the work environment, how is the way to communicate with people. In project management unit, I have seen that they have to deal a lot with client and vendor and the communication skill is very important. The last project that I have seen when I'm there, Felda prodata need to supply the notebook to Malaysia Defense University. They have faced the problem where the vendor which is HP, they could not deliver the notebook at the time given then Felda staff in my unit need to go there and explain why it is late for delivery and so on. It is really stressful when we face a problem in our project but we need to manage it well and that is why the communication skill is very important. My project manager have said that it is important to tackle the client. Even we are stress, when we talk to the client we need to change the mood to the cheerful voice. We wont the client see us stress. That is what he said :D I wonder how about my friends. I bet you guys have learned lots of things too when you in the internship program. Thank you for reading and enjoy your holiday :-)


  1. salam. hi. i've read ur blog bout ur internship. sy nk tnye u bt kt felda dpt alaun x? n cmne ngan penginapan n mkn? disediakan ke?

  2. hi.. sorry sangat lambat reply.. da sebulan da post.. i tak cek blog lama da ni.. well abt allowance.. ada elaun.. sebulan RM400 n abt the house and foods.. kalau rumah tu blh sewa felda pnye.. im not sure la brp sebulan.. kalau tak silap rm100 something la. makan xde sediakan