Wednesday, December 22, 2010

6th Week !!! --- Observation Week!! ------

Hello :) on the 2nd week before I end the internship, there’s nothing much going on. Well.. I got to fill the form for the allowance and will get the allowance on this the last week of my internship. Besides that, as usual I did my work. Upload and tagging the documents to the felda land imaging system. In addition, on 6th week, the academic supervisor came to observe me. I was nervous and excited at the same time. He came on Friday and I have presented everything that I have been through in Felda Prodata. What I did.. How’s my works there and everything related to it. It went well. It was great and thanks to him. Hopefully I will get the good marks for that :D Hopefully !!!

I have learn about the punctuality and disciplines when I do my internship program. In addition, now I know how does it feel when working. How tired we are and we cannot easily break the rules and that's what our parents have been through and we should appreciate them :)

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