Wednesday, December 15, 2010

6th Week

I have been in Felda Prodata for 6th weeks now. I cant believe it almost done. Since I have been there, I have learned lots of things such as the way on how to communicate with all level of people such as the manager. Besides that, from nothing I know how the working environment because I never work before. So even its a short time I can say this is the first job for me. I know now hows the working environment, how the people work, hows the culture in that office and also how I adapt with the culture in that office. In addition, I know a little bit about the system that has been using by Felda Prodata for example SAP. Felda Prodata developed their own system by their staff. For example, the system that I use now that is Land Imaging System (LIS). 
About LIS, it have few agreements that are settlers agreement (perjanjian peneroka), state government agreement (perjanjian kerajaan negeri), company agreement (perjanjian syarikat), property sale agreement (jual beli hartanah), grant (geran) and lastly ‘pelan warta’. Anyways, since I have been here I only have a chance to see the settlers agreement (perjanjian peneroka). Using LIS, I need to tag and upload the documents to their right section. There are lots of states and districts for settler agreement but it only divided by two sections which are oil palm and latex. I have done tagging and uploading more than thousand documents since I’m here. 

Below is shown the steps of the tagging and uploading system.
1) Click on Portal Drive pastedGraphic.pdf and click Work Online 

2) Enter the Username and Password

3) Login to Sapeportal and enter the ID and Password.

4)Click on Land Imaging System (LIS) 

5) Click on Perjanjian Peneroka and start to upload and tag the document based on the section whether its "Sawit" or "Getah"

    6) Click beside the district name, then click on new and upload.

    7) This screen below will appear and I need to fill the empty space depends with the document (perjanjian peneroka)

    And its done !!

    This is the the example for "Perjanjian Peneroka" documents that need to be tag and upload to the system above. 

    This is the folders that contain the files that has been divided by districts.

    Below is the example of files.

    Example of “Perjanjian Peneroka” document shown below.


    1. tumpang tanya.. cmne u apply internship dkt felda prodata?

    2. hello ! sorry lambat reply.. busy skt.. br je bc ni.. to ans ur Q.. u hntr je resume dkt balai felda. good luck !