Sunday, November 28, 2010

4th Week

I think there is nothing special about this week. I did all my work as usual but I think I have done it too fast. So I have finished all of the work on Monday. So, on Tuesday and so on I have no work to do besides that, the team that scan all of the documents have a problems in uploading it to the network files. Because of that, it affected us too. We cannot continue our work because we need those files to tag it to the system. Well, because I have no work to do.. I ask one of the staff do they have any work for me to do and finally he give me a few documents to tag. This time I need to do it really slow to make sure I will always have a work to do :D:D on Wednesday, my boss asked me to do the e-learning to make me understand more about project management. So on Wednesday I stop doing my work and focus on e-learning. Friday !! OMG! I got a problem to connect with the network files. I also got a problem to login to the system. PROBLEMS !!! I couldn’t finish my work if I am not able to connect to the system. However, few minutes later Kak Nani come to help me with it. She’s the person who handles that system. Problem solved ! Ops ! now I forgot that I couldn’t login to the system. Then, I borrow another staff id and password to login. I have done did all of my work in a week. Now I have to wait for another documents, I am not sure when we can get it because the staff who did that scanning documents have a problem to upload to the network. So.. Just Wait !
P/s: I got half day on Friday because they have family day on Friday until Sunday:D 

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Third Week !! - Relaxing Mood-

Hi again ! its me again :) well.. for the third week of my internship program.. hmm.. not much work to do. At project management unit they give me a special task where I only need to do about the Land Imaging System tagging where I only need to tag the documents to their system like what I have said earlier on my previous post. After I did that tagging thing my boss will asked me a report on how much I did every day. So I need to work hard on it to make sure my performance is at the satisfactory level. On Monday, November 15, 2010 I have done the tagging for 242. But on November 16, 2010 the other staff asked me to check on the system because the documents are not enough and she needs to do the report about it. So I helped her on that day with that. It was hard to find a name one by one and check why it’s not enough. Finally, I done did it on 4:15pm. Whew ! Finally. On Wednesday November 17, 2010 we have a break because of Hari Raya AidilAdha. So.. like anyone else.. no work to do. Holiday! On Thursday go back to work and I continue doing that tagging thing. I have done did all of my part on that day and I got nothing else to do. On Friday I asked Kak Aida whether I have any work to do. She said no more work because it have done. And we still need to wait for other documents for it. I asked her again because I’m bored at work. Got nothing to do. So she gives me few more documents to do but I finished it on the morning. So in the evening no work to do. This week.. I can conclude, Not much work to do. Thanks for reading. Keep reading my post okey ! 

P/s: got no leave on 18 and 19 nov like some of u :( --Jealous ;p--

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Day 5 – Day 10 (2nd Week) in Felda Prodata Systems

Hello again. I have told you guys how were my first week in Felda Prodata Systems Sdn Bhd right. Ok now lets check out how was my 2nd week in Felda Prodata Systems. Well.. on Monday (8 November 2010) I have no works to do on the morning. But then one of the staff taught me how to do the filing in the evening. I helped her do the filing and I also learnt how to use the Photostat machine. For the 2nd until 5th day of 2nd week I have tasks to do which is I need to update the documents in their system which is Land Imaging System (LIS). I had the problem at first because my password cannot be use for that system. So for the solution I borrow Kak Aida password. And now for the systems, they have lots of documents to be update. I think its about thousands of documents there. Kak Aida taught me how to use that system and how to update all of the documents there. For the second day for 2nd week, I have no problem doing it earlier. But on the morning about 11 am, I had a problem. The system said the disk is full. I asked Kak Aida what is the problem with it but then I realize not only me have the same problem. The other 2 staff also has the same problem with it. Then, Kak Aida asked the staff that is responsible to take care of the system. About 10minutes later, it went back to normal. However, it happened again on 12 something, I am not sure the exact time. I asked her again what the problem with the system is. She managed to ask the department that handle the system and the problem is one of the staff was wrongly update the documents in the wrong section. I was told that they were tried to move the documents in the correct section. I tried to do it again after lunch but still have the same problem. I only had a few times to do it and I managed to update 70 documents on that day. I have no work to do in the evening. So, just sit back and relax like the first week.
For the 2nd day of 2nd week, I tried to checked whether the system is ok or not in the morning when I arrived. Fortunately, it came back to normal and yay I can continue my work now. It was a little bit of headache actually on doing this work. I have to make sure that everything was correct and their handwriting sometimes is hard to recognize. I could not understand what they write there and its hmm..  I have to asked someone what is written on the paper. Well.. the Land Imaging System is where I have to update the documents (they scan the documents and I grab the documents using their network files) to Felda system. For the whole week I only did the state of Pahang documents. I managed to update 723 files to the system and still thousands are waiting for me :). That’s all for my 2nd week and have fun with your internship everyone !! Thanks for reading and I will update my 3rd week of internship next week.

Friday, November 5, 2010


On the first day, I arrived on 7:55am and I called the person who in charge to meet me on that day but he said he will be late and asked me to meet another staff there. So I waited outside first because I have no access card to get inside the office yet. It’s about 10 to 15 minutes waiting then someone asked me whether I want to come in. when I get inside I need to wait again for several minutes (I am not sure the exact time I was waiting and I found out there was no one do the internship there except me on that day), finally one staff asked me to follow her to meet the manager there. Unfortunately, he wasn’t there. Maybe he was on leave or something. I am not sure about that and I have to wait again. Finally she brought me to meet another staff there and he placed me at the IT department. On that department the staff did the work about the SAP system and finally I met him again, he asked me what I am interested to do and I told him that actually my course is more to business. So once again, he placed me to another department which is PROJECT MANAGEMENT unit. On the first day, there was nothing much to do. Just filled the form for the temporary card and one of the team members there give me the briefing about what I need to do there. My boss told me that I need to do about the Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI). That staff also give me one book about CMMI. For the whole day I just read that book and that’s all. 

Second day, still nothing to do like the first day but on that day I met the person who will guide me for my works all along the internship, Kak Aida. In project management unit, there are only 4 team members and one boss. On the second day, I learned about how they arranged all the documents in their system to make sure they can find that documents easily later on. It was pretty easy actually. I asked Kak Aida whether I have work to do today and she told me that they don’t receive the documents for the new project yet and the project that they are doing is almost done. So she said they need to wait for that document first. I got my pc on that day where they have requested for it earlier on the first day. The end of the day, 5:15pm. Go home !!

Third day, I am hoping that there’s a work for me and when I asked Kak Aida she said they still don’t receive the documents. So, as usual I got nothing to do but the technician came and set up the email for me. So, everything that will be sending to my group, I will get it too. It will be easier for me to follow up on what they are doing. Finally it comes the last day for the week ! Thursday November 4, 2010. I was there in the office on 8am. 4th day, it still no work for me to do. My boss asked me to read about the CMMI and I also look for the project that Felda have done. I looked at their documentation especially on the project progress. Hopefully next week I will have a work to do.