Sunday, November 28, 2010

4th Week

I think there is nothing special about this week. I did all my work as usual but I think I have done it too fast. So I have finished all of the work on Monday. So, on Tuesday and so on I have no work to do besides that, the team that scan all of the documents have a problems in uploading it to the network files. Because of that, it affected us too. We cannot continue our work because we need those files to tag it to the system. Well, because I have no work to do.. I ask one of the staff do they have any work for me to do and finally he give me a few documents to tag. This time I need to do it really slow to make sure I will always have a work to do :D:D on Wednesday, my boss asked me to do the e-learning to make me understand more about project management. So on Wednesday I stop doing my work and focus on e-learning. Friday !! OMG! I got a problem to connect with the network files. I also got a problem to login to the system. PROBLEMS !!! I couldn’t finish my work if I am not able to connect to the system. However, few minutes later Kak Nani come to help me with it. She’s the person who handles that system. Problem solved ! Ops ! now I forgot that I couldn’t login to the system. Then, I borrow another staff id and password to login. I have done did all of my work in a week. Now I have to wait for another documents, I am not sure when we can get it because the staff who did that scanning documents have a problem to upload to the network. So.. Just Wait !
P/s: I got half day on Friday because they have family day on Friday until Sunday:D 


  1. im about to have my intern at felda prodata..

    would u mind sharing how much they pay for an intern?

  2. hi. they will pay you rm400/month
    when you will start your intern ?