Sunday, November 21, 2010

Third Week !! - Relaxing Mood-

Hi again ! its me again :) well.. for the third week of my internship program.. hmm.. not much work to do. At project management unit they give me a special task where I only need to do about the Land Imaging System tagging where I only need to tag the documents to their system like what I have said earlier on my previous post. After I did that tagging thing my boss will asked me a report on how much I did every day. So I need to work hard on it to make sure my performance is at the satisfactory level. On Monday, November 15, 2010 I have done the tagging for 242. But on November 16, 2010 the other staff asked me to check on the system because the documents are not enough and she needs to do the report about it. So I helped her on that day with that. It was hard to find a name one by one and check why it’s not enough. Finally, I done did it on 4:15pm. Whew ! Finally. On Wednesday November 17, 2010 we have a break because of Hari Raya AidilAdha. So.. like anyone else.. no work to do. Holiday! On Thursday go back to work and I continue doing that tagging thing. I have done did all of my part on that day and I got nothing else to do. On Friday I asked Kak Aida whether I have any work to do. She said no more work because it have done. And we still need to wait for other documents for it. I asked her again because I’m bored at work. Got nothing to do. So she gives me few more documents to do but I finished it on the morning. So in the evening no work to do. This week.. I can conclude, Not much work to do. Thanks for reading. Keep reading my post okey ! 

P/s: got no leave on 18 and 19 nov like some of u :( --Jealous ;p--

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